Medical scheme cover

Medical Scheme Cover

Netcare 911's Corporate EMS Cover provides corporate clients with pre-hospital emergency medical care for their workforce, offering them peace of mind that they can rely on world class care in the event of any medical emergency caused by an incident or accident at work.

Netcare 911’s extensive road and air ambulance infrastructure enables us to manage emergency medical care provided to corporate clients’ employees throughout South Africa. This includes all appropriate transportation costs, which are charged for on a fee-for-service basis to the corporate client. In most cases the costs will be covered by the Compensation Commissioner.

Netcare 911 guarantees response to their members, as well as compliance with emergency medical procedures as specified in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Benefits for corporate clients who contract with Netcare 911

  • 24-hour access to Netcare 911’s national emergency operations centre, (including our Health-on-Line medical advice service and telephonic trauma counselling by trained counsellors.
  • The cover allows for easy recognition of the client by loading the client onto Netcare 911’s integrated call taking (ITC) system.
  • Prompt dispatch of emergency medical resources in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Emergency call incident management and triage.
  • Response by road or air to the scene of a medical emergency. Netcare 911 response vehicles are tracked and monitored and the responding vehicle’s position or a delay in reaching an emergency scene can be relayed to the corporate client at any given time. Transfer of injured or ill employees from the scene of an incident or accident to the nearest, most appropriate facility for further treatment, if appropriate.
  • Facilitation of medically justified inter-facility transfers.
  • Standby and assistance with emergency evacuations and/or mock drills at the client’s premises.
  • In the event of a disaster at the client’s premises, Netcare 911’s emergency operations centre will act as the central control centre, and our personnel will be responsible for disaster management coordination, activating the appropriate emergency services that are required to render assistance on site, as well as medical facilities to receive and provide further treatment for those injured in the disaster.
  • Coordination of the disaster will be handled by Netcare 911 personnel.
  • Netcare 911 has a formal system where complaints can be logged and voice records retrieved in order to ensure proper investigation in case of a complaint.
  • First aid training for clients’ employees is available at preferential rates.

Medical scheme member information

Netcare 911 at your service

Netcare 911 is a leading private emergency medical services provider in South Africa, with an extensive footprint across all  nine provinces, offering you and your dependants who are covered by your medical scheme access to cutting-edge, first world emergency medical care.

Netcare 911 is focused on sustainable service excellence. Recognising that technology is playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of emergency medicine, Netcare 911 is harnessing cutting-edge technologies, embracing international best practice, protocols and standards, as well as academically rooted methodologies in order to ensure the best outcomes for the patients to whom we provide services.

Unlimited medical emergency service benefits offer medical scheme members peace of mind.

Emergency medical response and assistance

Netcare 911 will provide you and your covered dependants with prompt response, using the most appropriate and nearest road or air medical resource, to provide you with professional assistance in case of a medical emergency. Our rapid response vehicles and ambulances are staffed by paramedics, and our helicopter and fixed wing air ambulances by doctors, nurses and paramedics who are competent in administering life-saving treatment, resuscitation and stabilisation.

Member benefits

Health-on-Line service*

Netcare 911's Health-on-Line benefits ensure that assistance and advice, in both emergency and non-emergency situations, is just a phone call away.

Netcare 911's Health-on-Line provides medical information to corporate clients and their employees by qualified nursing sisters via Netcare 911’s 24-hour emergency operations centre. This is done in accordance with current clinical best practice, using state-of-the-art technology.

Health-on-Line benefits for corporate clients:

  • Access to telephonic medical advice 24 hours a day.
  • General non-emergency medical information as well as advice in emergency situations.
  • Advice on nearest appropriate medical facilities.
  • Guidance on medication and their possible side-effects.
  • Immediate escalation to Netcare 911’s emergency dispatch, should emergency medical intervention be required.
  • Poison advice.

* Terms and conditions apply. Contact Netcare 911 for information.

Note: While Netcare 911 strives to ensure access to advice in a caller’s home language, this is unfortunately not always possible. However we do ensure the availability of call takers who are fluent in English, Afrikaans, Sotho and Zulu.

Important contact details

  • Medical emergencies & Health-on-Line service only: Dial 082 911
  • Other customer services, namely information on our emergency services,  claims,  queries, complaints or compliments:

Part of Netcare 911’s emergency operations centre

Points to remember when calling Netcare 911 in a medical emergency

We encourage you to share the following information with your family, so that they too will know what to do should an emergency situation arise.

  • Give your name and the number of the telephone from which you are calling to the call taker.
  • Give a brief description of what the medical emergency is.
  • Give the address or location of the incident or accident as well as the nearest intersecting streets or other landmarks, in order to assist paramedics to reach the scene as quickly as possible.
  • Tell the call taker by which medical scheme the person who needs assistance is covered.
  • Do not end the phone call until the call taker has confirmed that you should do so as more information may be required.

Ambulance authorisation procedure for medically required inter-hospital transfers

When you (or one of your dependants) are admitted to hospital and need to be transferred to another hospital for medical reasons, please inform the admitting hospital by which medical scheme you are a covered, and that any transfers must be done through Netcare 911.

What to do with the vehicle stickers you receive?

You should affix the vehicle sticker you receive from your medical scheme on one of the side windows of your motor vehicle. This will alert any emergency services provider attending to the scene of a vehicle accident that you are covered by Netcare 911.