Industrial and remote site medical solutions

Industrial site medical solutions

Netcare 911’s infrastructural capabilities, extensive experience and impressive track record make the company a provider of choice to render on-site medical services at industrial sites across South Africa.

The company currently provides services to a valued and extensive client base which includes large local and international mining, construction and energy, industrial and commercial companies. Both underground and surface mining, form part of Netcare 911’s service delivery capability.

Netcare 911 has the capability to deliver the full spectrum of medical solutions, including outsourced medical services, from a single platform. The primary objective of this strategy is to ensure a serviced environment with optimised client, employee and contractor confidence in the on-site healthcare service provision.  

Our comprehensive range of industrial site medical solutions includes the management and operation of on-site ambulances and clinics, as well as the provision of field intelligence and health risk management. These services typically extend to also incorporate the following:

  • Fire and rescue services
  • Risk-based on-site emergency medical services
  • Mass casualty incident management
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Disaster planning and management
  • Underground patient assessment and safe extraction

Our dedicated emergency medical teams can also undertake continuous on-site health surveys and conduct ongoing audits of occupational health and safety standards while facilitating support of local medical facilities.  

Mining operations

Given the high risk nature of mining operations, the operational environment is very strictly governed by legislation, and Netcare 911 has developed a key competency in complying with these regulations. Netcare 911 follows a rigorous process of recruitment, assessment and selection before deploying personnel to sites, in order to ensure that the stringent requirements to operate within this environment are met. 

All of Netcare 911’s on-site EMS staff members have undergone Hazmat hazardous material training, and we also offer a number of value-adding services such as the following:

  • On-site first aid training
  • First aid training through Netcare Education’s Faculty for Emergency and Critical Care (FECC)
  • First aid box inspections and replenishment 
  • Health and safety management, including risk assessments
  • Assistance in drafting and implementing emergency preparedness and evacuation procedures
  • Facilitation of injury on duty (IOD) cases directly with Netcare hospitals. 

Remote site medical solutions

Netcare 911’s infrastructural capabilities, extensive experience and track record make the company a provider of choice for on-site medical services in remote locations outside of South Africa’s borders. Netcare 911 has, for many years, rendered turnkey solutions to major corporations operating in Africa.

Our comprehensive range of medical services incorporates primary health, occupational health and emergency medical care amongst others, and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of individual clients.  To enable these services, Netcare 911 manages and operates on-site ambulances, clinics, pathology laboratories, audiometry, malaria screening, counselling and education, while also undertaking field intelligence and health risk management on behalf of clients. 

Our skilled medical teams can conduct pre- and post-deployment medical examinations in conjunction with our occupational healthcare specialists, and our dedicated emergency medical personnel can undertake ongoing on-site health surveillance and auditing of occupational health and safety standards. 

Delivering the full spectrum of medical solutions from a single platform